Hardware & Systems

Hardware, systems and electronics companies today are increasingly driven by three closely related business imperatives:

  • Speed to market: Despite their size, they must bring innovative and desirable products to market rapidly in order to outflank fast-moving competitors.
  • Flawless execution: From pursuing ambitious strategic plans to managing complex and often extensive supply chains, to coordinating multiple business units, they must be able to leverage execution for competitive advantage.
  • Agility: They must be able to adapt quickly to the new challenges and opportunities that are arising with rapidly evolving new technologies: cloud computing, virtualization, green power, and the convergence of servers, storage, and networking.

To successfully meet these challenges, our clients need leaders who understand the impact of market and technology disruptions on business models and know how to leverage the opportunities they present. Finding such leaders can be challenging, especially as mergers and acquisitions in the sector continue to shrink the talent pool.

  • Providers of television and satellite-based services
  • Cellular and wireless services
  • Internet and online services
  • Network and data networking equipment
  • Communications software
  • Wireless equipment

The consultants in TechGlobal's Hardware, Systems & Electronics division, most of whom have long experience in the industry, bring to the search for talent the same speed and exceptional execution that our client companies require in managing their businesses.

From functional leadership roles to enterprise-wide management, we have expertise in the following areas:

  • Senior Management
  • Sourcing/Procurement & Purchasing
  • Manufacturing/Operations Excellence
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Firmware/Hardware/Test/Quality
  • Information Technology
  • Research & Development

Our clients range from private, regional providers to globally-recognized public corporations.

Typical Assignments

  • VP Supply Chain
  • VP Operations
  • Manufacturing Director
  • Engineering Managert
  • NPI/Program Manager
  • VP, Technology & Development
  • VP Purchasing & Procurement
  • Sales Director
  • Commodity Manager
  • Firmware/ Hardware/ Test Engineers

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