When selecting an executive search firm, you have the option of a retained, priority or contingency search. More importantly, selecting and hiring the right person results in huge dividends for your company, dramatically increasing its value. This value rises exponentially as you move up the executive ladder. So, from a client’s perspective, consulting an industry expert to identify key talent makes perfect sense. The fees associated with any search engagement become almost incidental considering the ultimate payback.

Retained search is quite different from priority or contingency recruiting, yet all have a valid and trusted role to play in the recruiting industry. The right choice depends on your particular assignment.

As your search and recruitment partner, GlobalExec will advise you which option is the appropriate choice.

    1. Retained Search is a full service option most beneficial and effective for positions in senior or top management that generally pay a salary of US$90,000 annually or more.
      • Search will be a challenging, customized effort in a narrow industry
      • Locating the ideal candidate is of higher priority than rapid fulfillment
      • Priority exclusive search and selection Process
      • Strict confidentiality regarding search
      • Personality profiling
      • Executive compensation survey
      • Minimum of two candidates who meet or exceed requirements presented within 60 days from search initiation
      • 1/3 non refundable fee due upon contract signing
      • 1/3 non refundable fee after candidate short list presented
      • 1/3 final non refundable fee due upon acceptance of employment offer by candidate
      • Replacement guarantee is for 3 months
    2. Priority Search is recommended for positions that must be filled quickly and require thorough, professional representation in the marketplace.
      • Exclusive search and selection Process
      • Search is given priority over contingency searches
      • 1/3 non refundable fee due upon contract signing
      • Final payment due within 10 days candidate acceptance of employment offer or start date, whichever is earlier
      • Candidate reference check is included
      • Replacement guarantee is for 60 days
    3. Contingency Search is best applied with on-going openings that are not urgent in nature and is effective for positions in entry to mid-level management that generally pay a salary less than US$90,000 annually.

      This option is often selected when a critical need does not exist, but utilization for a specific skill set remains constant.

      • No upfront financial commitment is required to initiate search engagement
      • Secondary to retained or priority search engagements for resource allocation
      • Multiple requisitions for positions with same skills are typical
      • Preference for local candidates to save time and relocation costs
      • Wide pool for selection of potential candidates
      • Candidate short list is typically presented for client review within 30 days of contract initiation
      • Full payment due within 10 days of candidate acceptance of employment offer or start date, whichever is earlier
      • Replacement guarantee is 30 days
      • No exclusivity of candidates is offered

Performance Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. In the unlikely event that the candidate resigns or is terminated for cause within the replacement guarantee period, GlobalExec will repeat our search process with no additional fee charged to the client (except reimbursement of reasonable expenses). This guarantee is contingent on timely payment of fees in accordance with the terms of our agreement and notification within ten business days of employee termination. However, a higher packaged candidate will be subject to additional fees to the balance of the replacement candidate’s package.

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