As with any strategy, successful implementation require relevant, useful, and actionable knowledge.

In the war for talent, companies need a better and smarter way to find, attract, engage and retain top quality candidates.

They need the latest intelligence that provides:

  • INSIGHTS to help them craft effective communication messages that address core needs and motivations of the target candidates;
  • UNDERSTANDING of how their company image is perceived by the talent pool against other potential employers within the industry;
  • KNOWLEDGE of the main drivers or motivators to entice candidates to come onboard;
  • INFORMATION to benchmark their salary and incentive packages against their rivals for each open position;
  • DESCRIPTION of each candidate's profile , updated contact data, personality type and other relevant information; and
  • NEWS of industry trends, market development, and even competitive recruitment activities.

GlobalExec Group offers TalentSuite, a Talent Market Mapping research service, to organizations with workforce planning and market intelligence needs to build growth, change and transformation strategies.

Our Process

Performed by our dedicated research and consulting resource, the scope of a Talent Market Mapping research project is to cover, in an agreed geography, the availability of talent resources. Deliverables may include:

  • Information on sources of relevant talent , their business scope, domain of activity and organizational structure
  • Long lists of relevant talent for specific roles with an overview of skills, experience and compensation levels

Typical Pricing Structure

  • 50% upon written authorization to GlobalExec by the client to undertake this engagement
  • 50% at the completion of the project after submission of all agreed deliverables (practical completion)
  • The agreed pricing is dependent on the willingness of the client to acquire the research report on a standalone basis or as a preamble for future recruitment through GlobalExec
  • Client would generally agree to approach any individual identified in the Mapping project using the services of GlobalExec and a reduced recruitment fee would apply
  • In the case of Client approaching and hiring directly from the Mapping project, a higher charge would apply on inception or future subsequent hiring

Because the fight for market share begins only after the fight for the people ends, you need a better way to find, attract, engage and retain top talent.

If you are interested in learning more or discussing a search opportunity with us, please use our Online Information Request Form, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.